Welcome To What Matters!

We live in perilous and challenging times. We can give up and succumb to the pressure of our times or we can find a positive way to handle the events taking place around us.

Advice in this blog is from Judith Sherman, author of “The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness”.

Choices that we make right now affects how we view our situation and if we react or respond appropriately to it.

Our attitude about life events affects the habits we develop and what we get back from life.

A healthy attitude makes a huge difference in our ability to make wise decisions, affecting how proactive we are making our own decisions, and affecting how we engage in life.

Attitude affects whether we live in default or sit in the driver’s seat of life. Sitting in the driver’s seat means we are making our own decisions instead of waiting for something to happen and then let it drag us down.

Living in default means that, instead of realizing life sometimes hands out doses of misfortune to everyone and we are no different or think we are singled out for some reason, we just throw up our hands and give up!

The truth is attitude affects how we accept the lessons we are supposed to learn from a situation and if we see a blessing or not in that experience .

When something bad happens to us, a bad attitude sends us to the same place we always go to when we don’t like what life dishes out to us: being angry with God, our parents, our employers or anyone we think has it better than us.

This blog is here to help you understand the world we live in can be a blessing when we know how to respond appropriately instead of reacting in default.

It’s a matter of being proactive in our choices, engaging in events that require our attention, and sitting in life’s driver’s seat instead of letting things come at us and then react out of emotions, ego, or in default because we know of no other way to respond.

Let us work closely together so we can support each other and be affective in our efforts to protect what matters to us.

If “what matters” is for you to function in a free society, and if “what matters” is to protect your family, friends, and relationships from the fallout that is in a future without freedom, safety, and security, and if “what matters” is having peace of mind, then you need to accept some things you would rather not know or be bothered with and confront what you would rather not face.</blockquote>


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