A Healthy Attitude

A healthy attitude about life and the trials you face give you a healthy outlook and put you in the driver seat. Otherwise, you will be living in default and reacting to negativity around you. This post helps you change the status quo as well!

A healthy attitude makes a huge difference in your ability to make wise decisions that

(1) affect how proactive you are in being responsible for your own life

(2) how you engage yourself in society affects how you fit into society

(3) and the position you place yourself because of your decisions and the rewards or consequences you receive.

Did you catch what I just said? Let me break this down for you:

*Attitude makes a difference in how proactive you are in choices that you make and whether you are living in default or sitting in the driver’s seat of life.

*Sitting in the driver’s seat means you make YOUR OWN decisions about how you respond to events instead of letting what happens drag you down.

*Living in default means that, instead of changing your bad attitude and accept the lessons gained from the situation, you go to the same place you always go to when you don’t like what life dishes out to you: that being you become angry with God, your parents, your employer or anyone you think has it better than you.

*Living in default means, instead of realizing that life sometimes gives out doses of misfortune to everyone and you are no different or that you choose to think you are singled out and punished for some reason, you just throw up your hands and give up! A person sitting in the driver seat does none of these things.

*Living in default means you blame people for what they have that you do not but want, rationalizing that they had better opportunities than you. Of course you do not know that, in fact, what you believe is true and yet you expect them to help — believing you are entitled to receive their help because they live better than you.

*Sitting in the driver’s seat means you take responsibility for the decisions you make, instead of forcing someone to make decisions for you because you can’t or won’t do it yourself.

*You know you are living in default when people keep telling you what to do and how to live your life.

*People keep getting into your business because they see that you are not in control of your life.

*Your actions prove that you are not in control of yourself and unable to manage life on your own, so they make decisions for you.

* If you want people to get out of your life then start taking responsibility for your choices and put yourself in the driver seat of your life.

You must commit to changing your situation and making better decisions or nothing will change for you. Can you make that commitment? If you can, you need to change your associations and hang out with those who live the way you want to be. These association will be your support system and a good example for you to follow.


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