Protect What Matters

Protecting What Matters Is Necessary Now More Than Ever!

If “what matters” is for you to function in a free society, and if “what matters” is to protect your family, friends, and relationships from the fallout that is in a future without freedom, safety, and security, and if “what matters” is having peace of mind, then you need to accept some things you would rather not know or be bothered with and confront what you would rather not face.

You may want to investigate this concept a little bit more. We need to become proactive in what Congress is doing to protect our businesses and our way of life. If we don’t, we will lose what we have enjoyed throughout the years. Don’t take the last statement as a political point of view because it is not. What I said is a reality we are facing today, I’m talking about right now. We need to recognize this is true and do what we can to resolve this situation.

First, we must take a closer look at ourselves and what we demand from those who represent us. Are we expecting them to pass legislation they shouldn’t because we are self-centered and demanding or are they passing legislation they shouldn’t because of pressure from other politicians?

Second, we must consider what you can do to counter-act the mistakes policy makers are committing and then take appropriate actions in protecting our families. That’s why I have posted links for heirloom seeds and portable greenhouses for you to check out. Use this link

I have been paying close attention to what’s been going on in Washington the past ten years or so. Believe me, I know things you would rather not know. I hope you will heed my warning and spend money on things you really need right now: such food storage, non-hybrid seeds, portable greenhouses, and emergency supplies.

If you don’t believe me,  just let things happen that puts your family in jeopardy. It’s okay if you won’t trust my judgment, but at least spend a little money now and put a few items aside in case I am right.

Perhaps some day you will say what my son said when I asked him to put on a long sleeve shirt and long pants before riding the motorcycle to work. I said, “Just do it. One day you may thank me.” Later that day, I came home a found a note on a chair that said: “Don’t worry, I’m okay. Robin’s mom took me to the hospital. I’m glad I listened to you.”

He had been in a head-on collision; the motorcycle met a huge Ford Thunderbird around a blind curve on a narrow mountain road.  I had said it many times before, that he needed to put on long clothes, probably too many times and became a squeaky wheel, but I am glad he finally listened to me. It saved him from being hurt worse. He only had a broken toe and a concussion cut on his knee. I hope you might listen to me as well, and save you and your family from getting hurt too badly in the future.

I realize that it is usually easier to live in default and allow things to come at you and then react. You probably throw up your hands and say “I can’t do anything about it anyway.” However, understanding that you are only one person and that what you think, say or do won’t change anything, I ask you to do something proactive to take control of your life–even if it’s uncomfortable. Being in the driver’s seat in order to have “what matters” to you will effort on your part, and often means swimming up stream and against the current.

You’ve probably figured out by now that, with twenty-four domain names and more than that in blogs, I am very committed to helping people who feel as I do or who suffer from the type of depression I spoke of earlier.

It gets harder every day to handle the news we hear on television (at least the little truths they allow us to hear) or read some of the propaganda they put in newspapers and magazines today. It is even harder to sift through the abundance of information available to us on the Internet without learning more than we want to know.

It is no wonder that people are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the chaos that comes with living in our times, and no wonder they feel helpless in protecting “what matters” to them. I am here to help you with this. However, in some cases, I will add to your stress level by reporting on things you need to know but would rather not know right now.

I realize that this is a strange statement to make because it is not what you expect to hear from me. However, YOU MUST know the truth about what is going on every single day that threatens “what matters” to you and to me. You may know some things but there is much more that you may not know but need to know.

I will try to tell you what you need to know without stressing you out or causing you to become overwhelmed. Keep in mind that if you resist the truth and not face what you should, it will only become harder for you to protect “what matters” and find peace of mind.

Remember that FREEDOM is not free because someone has to pay the price for it. The more of us who share the load and pay the price, the easier it will be to protect that which the enemy among us in sheep’s clothing is trying to steal from us. They will succeed in their mission if we continue to live in default and not engage ourselves.

We cannot depend on mainstream media to report honest and unbiased news anymore, which to me, is unacceptable. For a candid look at events that are not being reported by NBC, ABC, or CBS, and sometimes CNN, then perhaps you will check on my blog at CanWeBelieveIt.Info.

If “what matters” is for you to function in a free society; if “what matters” is toprotect your family, friendships, and relationships from the fallout of a future without freedom, safety, and security; and if “what matters” is peace of mind, then you need to consider my comments in this posting and ask yourselves if you are prepared to pay the price for what is required of you to make that happen.

When you identify the things that really matter to you, and make choices that protect those things the best you can, then everything else doesn’t matter does it?



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